Client Configurations popup in Self-Service

Client Configurations is Magic/SDE’s way of assigning clients to configurations (usually used as locations or personal configurations) and consequently to assets (inventory items). Whilst there is clearly a benefit to the client of the service desk knowing what assets the client has and where they are located, when logging a call via Self-Service the vast majority of clients just want to give the minimum information possible.

That said most clients understand the necessity of completing certain information that may assist the service desk in fixing their call as long as they understand what they are being asked for. Select from Client Configurations doesn’t exactly make much sense to the average client. Furthermore, this popup cannot be customised and consequently appears to be an annoying popup with no purpose to the average client.

Awhile ago I posted a hack in the Yahoo MagicSolutions group that prevented a user from getting the Select from Client Configurations popup in Self Service when they had more than one configuration assigned to them. As specific posts can be a bit difficult to find in the Yahoo group I thought it might be beneficial to post the hack here:

Open CommonScript.js in notepad (by default this file lives in C:Program FilesRemedyMagic Service DeskSelf Service DeskScripts. Scroll down until you find the function PopulateDependants(VColName) which starts:

function PopulateDependants(VColName)
bDataChanged = true

Add the following line of code above the bDataChanged = true

if (VColName=="Client Config") return

so it ends up looking like…

function PopulateDependants(VColName)
if (VColName=="Client Config") return
bDataChanged = true

… and that should be you sorted for both Incidents and Work Order (Service Requests).

One thought on “Client Configurations popup in Self-Service

  1. I’m having trouble setting this up, I did everything as you posted but it does not work.

    Did anyone try this on 9.6+ since the code is somewhat different.

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