SQL 2000 vs 2005

Just a short post regarding the use of SQL 2000 SP4 vs SQL 2005. I have installed and used production SDE installations on both databases and my experience is that, at least for the time being, installations on SQL 2000 SP4 are considerably more stable than those on SQL 2005. I should point out however, that I am not saying SQL 2005 is unstable – infact I much prefer it over SQL 2000 for developing my own applications.

One of the main issues I keep facing with SQL 2005 installations is with “Page cannot be displayed errors” when using DB Admin. It becomes very painful doing any kind of extensive configuration work! It doesn’t seem to matter how much RAM or how many processors the DB server has I always seem to get these type of issues.

 It would be interesting to hear of anyone else’s opinions on this matter.

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