Purchase Request Tax Field Bug – Workaround

As many of you will already be aware there is a bug in the Purchase Request module with the Tax field that prevents you editing it (you receive bundles of JavaScript errors). This is caused because some genius thought it would be a good idea to use the % symbol in a field name.

I logged this with support and received the following response:

“Defect Workaround: place a “Text field” over the field “TAX” and make sure the background color of that new field is the same as the background of your form”

The status of this is: “This issue will be considered for a future release.”

There is however a much better (at least in my opinion) workaround which involves renaming the alias and display name of the Tax field in DB Admin to anything that doesn’t include a % in the name.

Now you can edit it as much as you like.

2 thoughts on “Purchase Request Tax Field Bug – Workaround

  1. There’s a similar problem in the Vendor table – the ‘Sales_Ext.’ field. You can’t get Access or DTS to import/export the Vendor table because it chokes on the period in this column name.

    I’m going to try this trick to see if it fixes it. Interestingly, DB Admin choked on these changes and threw an error, but the alias and display names appeared to have been changed. They weren’t, however, and reverted back to their old values the next time I loaded DB Admin.

    Anyway, I think it took the next time I made the changes, but I haven’t fully tested it yet. The 2nd time I changed the alias, then saved, then changed the display name, and saved again.

    Thanks for an insightful Web Site.

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