How to make DB changes to tables that don’t appear in DB Admin

There are occasions when you might want to make changes to a module that is not normally available via the DB Admin tool e.g. changing the size of the Status ID field in the User Defined Status module. So how do you make these modules available?

The trick lies in the SMSYSFLAGS table. Open the SMSYSFLAGS table in SQL Enterprise Manager or equivalent and scroll down until you find the row with a Name = TableExclusions and a Value = GMT;SLA Default;Group Details;User Defined Status; etc.

Change the Value column to GMT;SLA Default;Group Details;zUser Defined Status; etc. i.e. Just put a ‘z’ in front of User Defined Status.

When DB Admin loads it excludes any modules it finds in this list. As User Defined Status is now no longer in the list (because it has been renamed to zUser Defined Status) it will not be excluded and will appear for editing in DB Admin.

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