So recently I was doing a new build of Service Desk Express as we are moving from Magic 7.51 to Service Desk Express in one! In another post I will post some of the details of this project but suffice to say all is going very well.

I had done, what I thought, were all the database customisations required – except I forgot one table. I had done all these with just the one support staff (MAGIC) and one group (EXTERNAL_SUPPORT). System was flying along and all was well.

I then decided I was ready to migrate the groups – by hand! There were 110 of them. This worked fine and then I realised I had forgotten a single, very simple table. No problem, logged into DB Admin and tried to create the new module. After around 3 minutes I received an error:

ERROR [HYT00][Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER] Timeout expired

Logged out and back into to DB Admin and all appeared fine including the existence of my new module. So, I went ahead and added my fields and, just for good measure performed a DB Consistency Check – No errors found. Finally, I try to log back into Service Desk Express, only to receive an error message reporting the application had timed out.

After trying to fix this for an hour or so, deleting the module etc. I gave up and restored the database. Everything worked again. Tried recreating the module – same error – same consequence. Only this time, I had previously reconfigured the DSN “SDEAdmin” such that long running queries write out to a log file.

What had failed was a call to run the stored procedure NAMSYSSAVEPROTECTS.

So, I manually ran the stored proc using query analyser and it promptly fixed everything. Just thought I would share, in case anyone else comes unstuck.