What would make this blog better?

So, my blog site has been running now for almost 9 months and a recent comment suggested adding a gallery of user submitted forms, which incidentally, I rather like the idea of. Equally though, there must be a whole bunch of other stuff that you might like to see so I thought I would add this post as a placeholder for all ideas.

Leave me your comments of what you would like to see and I’ll see what I can do.

10 thoughts on “What would make this blog better?

  1. I don’t know if this is a right place to ask something like this (if not, feel free to point me), but in terms of Service Desk Express issues…

    One problem I’m presently having with Service Desk Express 9.0 is in building multiple-module quick-views, and getting all of the specified columns thereof to appear. For example, if I want a query that includes both Interested Parties and Problem Manegement modules, and effectively displays all Problems for which a given ClientID is attached as an Interested Party, I can’t seem to get anything more than a grid listing Problem IDs; all Problem data fields added to the query render blank. Trying simple things like flipping the order of the modules in the Output screen has no effect, etc., and this effect does not appear to be addressed at all in documentation.

    While SDE has decent help documentation, including describing how to create quick-views, it only passingly mentions a few differences related to the use of multiple-modules. So far, I’ve been unable to find a decent walkthrough of building a multiple-module query that includes the various differences and behaviors of such, particularly in relation to my immediate troubles. It’s probably covered somewhere, and if anyone happens to know where…


  2. Just so I understand this a little better, would I be right in suggesting that you have created a new module called Interested Parties, that has a foreign key link to the Problem Management module.

    If this is the case, then what you are trying to do is not going to work as I don’t think it is possible.

    My only suggestion would be to create a user-defined function that returns a nvarchar of interested parties from an input parameter of Problem Sequence. (That bit is easy – there is a UDF in the Resources section of this site that should help). Then you would need to create a calculated field in the Problem Management module that selects from this UDF passing “BASE”.”SEQUENCE”. (This bit I have never tried and don’t know if it will work). Finally, create a quickview based only on the Problem Management module including this field in the Conditions.

    Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚



  3. Alan,

    I think the blog is great, and I agree that a gallery of user-submitted forms would be cool. Other than the Yahoo Groups site and this, I don’t know of any other useful info on the web pertaining to SDE. Maybe an FAQ also?

    Thanks for all the useful info!


  4. btw… Regarding the question posted by “Thogek”:

    I am assuming from the post that there may be a “bridge” table linking Clients to Problems to allow the linking of multiple Clients (in this case, Interested Parties) to a Problem. I tried this, adding a module called Interested Parties with foreign keys back to Clients and Problem Mgmt, and added it as a Tab on a Problem form. In the QuickView I only queried the Interested Parties module and not the Problem Management module, because I already included all the necessary Problem info in the Interested Parties record via Virtual Fields. This worked fine for me.

    Just trying to add a little light on the subject! πŸ˜‰


  5. I’m so new to SDE that everything you are doing is awesome and very helpful. The world would be a better place if we all tried to pass along our knowledge like you are doing Alan.

  6. Brian/Dustin,

    I am really pleased that the stuff I write is of use to others. When I first started this I really was not sure that anyone would read it – it was just easier for me to find all the things I write about in the MagicSolutions forum. People’s comments have really inspired me to keep going. Thankfully the site only costs around $10/month to host so it is really only my time and I love doing it – so that is cool.

    Best regards as always,


  7. I would be very interested in a gallery of user submitted Business Rules.

    Great site…I have gotten several really good tips from it.


  8. Hi pscyoc,

    Again, much like the idea suggested by bhirsch of the user submitted forms, I love it – the only slight snag at the moment with both ideas is how to implement it. Currently playing around with a couple of ideas – we will see.

    Thanks again for the feedback – hugely appreciated.



  9. Alan,

    You know I love this place, and I’ve had an opportunity to collaborate a little with you, as you helped me wit ha couple changes to the Tech Magic app to allow to view all group tickets. One thing I think would be really good to have here is a place to post custom Crystal Reports, a place to share custom business rules and CSBR’s. I would also like to provide a link to my SDE forum that I set up last year. After attending the SDE Admin 1 class, I wanted to keep in touch with all the students in my class, as well as try to be a place to ask questions and try to get help with various tasks in SDE –


  10. Hi Josh,

    I am quite happy to host any Custom Crystal Reports, Business Rules etc. I think what I might try to do is create a template, perhaps using Nashco’s very cool and free Business Rule Print Preview tool, that will allow me to host business rules etc.

    Thanks for the suggestions – they are much appreciated.



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