FULL DB Schema for Service Desk Express 9.20

The colleagues I work with keep asking me for a database schema for Service Desk Express 9.20 as it makes writing reports a whole lot easier. Whilst I know that BMC have gone some way to resolve this with the inclusion of the schemas in the documentation, the problem with these are:

a) There all on different pages – don’t get me wrong, I understand why, but it limits the usefulness of them.

b) Far more importantly, I imagine that there are very few implementations that don’t involve the creation/modification of a table or column. Consequently, the database schema is immediately out of date. In fact, it is already out of date as it does not include the Integration Engine tables.

So enough whinging – what am doing about it. Well I have created a Visio 2003 DB diagram of the entire database that is valid for a standard install of Service Desk Express 9.20. Every foreign key is included (I hope) along with all the correct field types and sizes. It is available free of charge to download and use as you find helpful. My theory being that you can update it to include your new tables and fields and hopefuly it will please your database administrators too!

SDE DB Diagram With Segregation Foreign Keys

SDE DB Diagram

SDE DB Diagram Without DB Segregation Foreign Keys

SDE DB Diagram

It is quite possible I have made a mistake in this schema – if I have please post a comment and I will update it as soon as I have time. Many thanks, and thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “FULL DB Schema for Service Desk Express 9.20

  1. Hi Alan – I am running Visio 2000 and am unable to open the attached schema as it was “created in a newer or unrecognised version of Visio”. Can you send me a copy saved in V2000?

  2. Great job. One suggestion is to leave out all the group links except for the ones used directly by the application normal usage such as Incident assignments and Group details. For the most part, an assumption can be made that everyone table (with rare exceptions) has a link to group for segregation. Removing this will make the diagram much cleaner

  3. Hi Ron,

    Thanks very much for the praise and suggestion. I have done (hopefully) exactly what you said and uploaded a version with and a version without the segregation foreign keys.

    Thanks again.



  4. I like very much the writings and pictures and explanations in your adress so I look forward to see your next writings. I congratulate you.

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