Providing a common look and feel to all Service Desk Express forms

OK – so before anyone gets too excited and thinks that I (or BMC for that matter) have provided something like a template that all forms can inherit from (wouldn’t that be useful) – let me stop you there. I haven’t! However, as I got extremely bored of building the same forms and laying them all out slightly different, it became quickly apparent that some sort of template was needed. Apart from anything else, when others create forms on “my” systems it can quickly end up looking very disjointed/uncontrolled.

So, what follows is a template of numbers that will at least cause every form to have a similar look and feel and, although not perfect, is a fairly good match to the out of the box forms provided by BMC.

Control FG Colour BG Colour X Pos Width Y Pos Height
“Main Form” #FFFFFF
“Button Box” #DDDDDD 0 735 0 60
“Separator Line” #000000 0 735 20 0
“Open Button” 1 25 1 25
“Save Button” 36 25 1 25
“Copy Button” 51 25 1 25
“Clear Button” 76 25 1 25
“Delete Button” 101 25 1 25
“InActive Field” 663 20 5 20
“Previous Button” 663 Leave Blank 38 Leave Blank
“Next Button” 712 Leave Blank 38 Leave Blank
“Form Title Text” Dark Blue – Bold 7 100 33 20

Clearly, there is a whole bunch of other stuff that you could do as well – one thing I would also suggest is that you add the Sequence field next to the “Form Title Text” field as it makes integration/database queries much easier.

Anyway, hope this helps – as always comments (positive or negative) always welcome.