Virtual directories and DNS entries

In Service Desk Express it is possible to install the application in a website(s) that is NOT the Default website in IIS. Using DNS entries this allows your users to access the core application and self-service via much shorter (easier to remember), resilient (i.e. servers can be renamed without application falling over) URLs. Whilst this is great for all us Service Desk Express users, this is not an option for Magic 8.0 and below. So what is the solution for them.

The easiest solution I have found is to open IIS Manager on the application server and create a new website called SDE. This should appear along side the Default Web Site NOT a virtual directory in the default web site. Call the new web site SDE and on the IP and Port Settings window select the IP address of the server rather than all and enter sde in the host header. Navigate to C:Program FilesBMCApplication Server or whatever the location is on your server. Select Run Scripts as well as the default Read and click finish.

Now the trick: Right click on the website you have just created and select properties. Click on the Home Directory tab and change the content to a redirection to a url and enter your http://servername/sde as the address. Click OK.

Finally, get your server admins to create a DNS entry (CNAME) pointing to the IP Address of the server or its name and you should now be able to type SDE into a browser window and automatically be taken there.

Obviously you can repeat this exercise creating another website for self-service etc.

As always, any feedback/comments always welcome.