Change Management Business Process

They always say,

“…a picture paints a thousand words…”

and, whilst generally not considered works of art, I find swim lane diagrams or cross-functional flowcharts (as they are called in Microsoft Visio) are a really superb way of explaining who does what when.

So, in the spirit of the above, whilst bored this evening (sat in a hotel room on my M2576 Implementing and Administering Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 training course), I thought I would put together an example business process diagram for Change Management:

Change Management - Creation, categorisation and assessment

Change Management - Creation, categorisation and assessment

Change Management - Approval, release and closure

Change Management - Approval, release, and closure

I have saved it as both a Microsoft Visio 2003/2007 and Microsoft Visio 2002 diagram such that it might be useful to you as a starting point for your own Change Management process diagrams:

Microsoft Visio 2003/2007 Download
Microsoft Visio 2002 Download

As always, comments/feedback (positive or negative) is always welcome.


3 thoughts on “Change Management Business Process

  1. Hi Alan,

    Definately agree that software like this makes the creation of such diagrams a whole bunch easier. I do mine in Microsoft Visio not because it’s the best (because it is not by a long way) but because the probability of Enterprise Organisations having it is greater than the more specialised tools. Thanks for sharing.



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