Automatically showing the FAQs in a given FAQ Category

By default when a user clicks on the FAQs in Self Service they are presented with a FAQ Category list and no FAQs. The user then needs to pick a category and use a search string (albeit it can be blank) to show the FAQs for that given category. I was curious to see if I could cause all the FAQs in a given category to show automatically when the drop down list of categories was changed. I could.

Open ShowFaqStaff.htm (located in c:Program FilesBMCService Desk ExpressSelf Service Deskhtml by default) in Notepad.


<select class="BMCDropDownList" style="width:100%;" id="FAQCatNameList" AccessKey=<%=labelKey%> onChange="updateCat();resetFAQ();"  NAME="FAQCatNameList">


<select class="BMCDropDownList" style="width:100%;" id="FAQCatNameList" AccessKey=<%=labelKey%> onChange="updateCat();showFAQ();" NAME="FAQCatNameList">

Then, assuming that you want the FAQs for the first FAQ Category to automatically show when the user first views the FAQs then you need modify a different file.

Open ShowFaqStaff.asp (located in c:Program FilesBMCService Desk ExpressSelf Service Desk by default) in Notepad.

Find the WindowOnLoad function and add the following line of code to the end of it:


so that it looks like:

function WindowOnLoad()
selectedIndex = document.getElementById("FAQCatNameList").selectedIndex;

Save the file and you should be good to go. I have only tested this with Service Desk Express 9.6 but it may work with previous versions as well. As always, comments (positive and negative) are always welcome.