Apologies – I’m back…

This is just a quick post to offer my apologies for the lack of updates on this site over the past YEAR! Whilst it is true to say that I have been busy with work, the honest truth is that I haven’t prioritised the site the way I should have and, as a result, have lost readers etc. Time to move on…

Anyway, I am back and writing…New Service Desk Express article going up this weekend.

Please, please, please…If you have any ideas of what you would like to see posts / projects about, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Apologies – I’m back…

  1. Welcome back! I had all but given up on this site but it crossed my mind today as I was looking over some SDE stuff.


  2. Thanks for the positive comments…As always biggest challenge is finding the time and having something interesting to say…

    Hopefully I’ll do both!

  3. Welcome back Alan, we’ve missed you! I’d even sent a couple of messages to people from the Magic Yahoo! Group as it seemed you’d gone missing from there too. I’d assumed the worst and thought you’d left IT

    • @Simon,

      Really appreciate the kind words…Have been doing a lot of non SDE work and struggling to make time…However, promise to do better from now on 🙂



    • @Momedina,

      Many thanks…Still trying to fit everything in and making sure that I post something useful / relevant to the community – not always easy when you are as busy as we all are these days…



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