I develop projects as opposed to products. Projects are selected based from my own and other’s requests and there can be any number ongoing at any given time. My code is open-source – feel free to download the latest version of any project that you think may help you.

Released projects (click the project title to view details and download):

Forward Schedule of Change (FSC): Many organisations want to be able to display the changes stored in the Magic/SDE database as a simple calendar/table. The FSC project basically creates both these displays that can then be installed on any Windows web server that has the .NET 2.0 Framework installed on.

Reporting Magic: Reporting Magic is for those of us who rather like Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and would like to use it as their reporting tool of choice for BMC Magic/SDE. Reporting Magic is a complete rewrite of all the reports available for Magic 8.0 in SQL Reporting Services.

TechMagic: TechMagic essentially runs as a standalone Tech Monitor for Incidents, Work Orders, Purchase Requests, Problems, and Change Requests. It doesn’t involve any database changes and allows engineers to see the tickets assigned to them or a member of a group they belong to without the use of a license.

Projects in development:

Survey Magic: Survey Magic was originally developed when the Surveyor product was an add-on that used to cost money. Survey Magic provides a complete, customisable survey solution that allows support staff to create unlimited either invitational only (i.e. the customer can only submit the survey when invited) or general (i.e. the customer can submit a survey whenever they want) surveys, with unlimited questions, with unlimited question options. In the current version of Survey Magic question types can either be radio button list, drop down list, or a textbox.

Purchase Magic: Purchase Magic was developed to enhance the somewhat limited Purchasing Module in Client Services. With Purchase Magic users can browse a product list (maintained in Magic/SDE) by category, add the item to their basket, proceed to checkout and have the item approved by a line manager. If you use Magic/SDE for purchasing then this could save you some considerable back office work and provide your users with a very enhanced experience.

Pocket Asset Magic: Pocket Asset Magic (PAM) is a Windows Mobile application designed to allow technicians to be able to scan assets in the field and upload/update the Magic/SDE database with this information. PAM is capable of working both online (querying and updating the Magic/SDE database real-time) or offline (storing a subset of the Magic/SDE database on the device and periodically synchronising the data).

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